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Mission Statement

Read More below about our Mission Statement,

and why we do what we do to make our forces feel loved.

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Secret Soldiers is dedicated to a single purpose, empowering our service members who are deployed overseas, with respect and dignity. We at Secret Soldiers accomplish this by ensuring our soldiers are never forgotten and always in our thoughts and prayers, no matter what race, religion and/or political opinion. We are always here for our service men and women.

EIN: 85-1355240


Secret Soldiers is a not for profit non-profit charitable organization that serves the U.S Military. Our organization individually addresses care packages to Soldiers,Sailors, Airman, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel deployed overseas. Each volunteer assembled a package holding products from donations and fundraising moneys valued between $100.00 to $150.00, which contains snacks, hygiene products, and entertainment items, as well as personal letters of support.


Founder Nicole Bratlee started the charity in the spring of 2020, after a realization that many deployed service members do not receive any mail, nor care packages, which can have a negative impact worsening the chance of developing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that can result in the service member committing suicide. Which in turn, we as civilians need to help to stop! 22 a day; 22 suicides a day is too many. Active duty service men and women currently commit suicide at a rate of 187 daily.


Ms. Bratlee wanted to bring military and civilians together by enabling and energizing regular citizens to express their patriotism and gratitude by sending letters and care packages that are assembled through volunteering. 


Secret Soldiers’ motto is " Y     U MATTER " because we at Secret Soldiers can bring hope to our Service members while they are deployed overseas.

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