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Meet Our Board

At Secret Soldiers, We couldn't do what we do without the help of some very special people. Read about the people who make it happen.

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Nicole Bratlee - President & Founder

Founder Nicole Bratlee started the charity in the spring of 2020, after a realization that many deployed service members do not receive any mail, nor care packages, which can have a negative impact worsening the chance of developing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that can result in the service member committing suicide. Which in turn, we as civilians need to help to stop! 22 a day; 22 suicides a day is too many. Active duty service men and women currently commit suicide at a rate of 187 daily.
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Nancy Geisen - Treasurer

My Name is Nancy and I am the Treasurer for the Secret Soldiers Organization.
I live in Tuscon, Arizona and I work in Hospice.
I have had Several small businesses, raised four sons and I am currently enrolling in Nusing School.
Life is Definetly not Dull.  :)
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Stephanie Slack - Board Member

My name is Stephanie Slack, I am a LEO wife. I am a stay at home mom with two boys who keep me on my toes. I love to show support to whoever needs it and I am honored to be part of this group. Secret Soldiers is the definition of love honour and respect.
i cant tell you enough what this organization has done for our Soldiers who are deployed.

Bones - Security Manager

Hi Im Bones and I am the Special Enforcer Of Secret Soldiers and I am a father of 2. I am a veteran supporter. I havent served for my country but i serve my country's veterans, by supporting them through tough times when they return home. Im a proud brother to several veterans in my life. Secret Soldier means not leaving a veteran behind and doing all we can for them.

Bryant Chambers - Spokesperson

Morale is everything on the battlefield. Being away from home and family in a place where people want you dead is a nightmare.
Receiving Care Packages reminds you there are loved ones who want you to come home safe.
Secret Soldiers Is a lifeline that brings a little bit of hope to the battlefield.

Ken Perry - Advertising

Born and raised in Texas and Louisiana. Proud Veteran of the US Air Force.
Secret Soldiers is an amazing organization. Having been deployed myself I know how recieving letters and care packages helps boost morale. It also lets our deployed service members now that they are loved and we appreciate their sacrifice. Love, Honor and Respect to all our Millitary Services.

Jon Moore - Deployment Liason

I am Jon Moore and I am a Former Marine and a current firefighter/ Watch Stander Helmsman for US Navy Military Sealift Command. I Volunteered as Deployment Liason for the Secret Soldiers Organization. I adore spending Time with my daughter, collecting hats. I work on my own audio-visual productions, Act for Darkstone Entertainment and TikTok. I also designed the logo for Secret Soldiers. I have played the piano for 34 years and picked up the guitar 5 years ago. "Dont practice to be perfect, nobody is"
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Randy Olivaz - Board Member

I am a 10 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  As a staff seargeant and a father of one, soon to be three Active Duty children, Secret Soldiers is important to me because of the mission, TO HELP. Since i was released from active duty i wanted to be a part of something like this. The brotherhood and sisterhood is truly incredible. The support active duty service member recieve greatly affect their morale and psyche when they are in anf when they get out. 22 veterans are lost a day to suicide, we need to bring this number to 0. Anything that we can do to help this is incredible. Semper Fi.

Kayla Kountry Little - Merchandising

Hey y'all my name is Kourtney and I am head of merchandising. I am also a Disabled Army Veteran, mom of two girls, a GSD and the wife of an Army Veteran. I own Kourtney's Kords, I am an aspiring writer, crazy chicken chick and Im aslo very active in my local DAV. Being a Veteran, Especially a female one, I feel the need to be active in ways to help others. Being a Soldier in Afghanistan hit me hard. Secret Soldiers for me is a way to give back.

Laura "Ivy" Graves - Public Relations

Hello my name is Laura, I go by the name Ivy. Im 40 years old and Im a mother of four. I am a public relations advocate for Secret Soldiers. I am honored to be part of this amazing organization. I believe one small act of kindness can change and save one persons life and by doing that, we can change the world one person at a time.
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